Are Republicans Sabotaging the GOP?

by sinde on March 3, 2012

When someone commented to me this week that Rush Limbaugh had really stepped on a few toes I was absolutely astounded.  How did he do that?  The Republican Party, jointly and severely, has all its feet in one mouth or another.

So, let me just get the Rush out of the way.  I have watched some of the lamest excuses for Rush’s stupid comments — some so stupid and weak that I am surprised that anyone would even put those excuses into words.  Some Republicans were outright shocked.  Others tried to back up the Rush.  Others tried to explain his Sandra Fluke comments as absurd, because that is what he does.  Oh, please.  Rush made a huge mistake and let his mouth overload his @ss.  As some would say, he was pushing the envelope and it fell flat on the floor.

I would say that I was offended by the comments, but it is really hard to be offended by stupid, especially when it is capped with vulgar.  I wonder if Mr. Limbaugh was letting us get a glimpse inside the world of Rush — unintended, of course.  Was he suggesting that he would watch a “slut” movie?  Oh!  Of course not.  And, by the way, apology should not be accepted.  It is not sincere.

We all know that Rush isn’t running for anything but he should be supporting his GOP-ers.  Instead, he is dividing the party and alienating voters.  Is he a secret Obama supporter?

Romney is still ahead in the game, but poor thing, he just can’t keep his feet out of his mouth.  And, how many Cadillac cars does your wife have?  I think Romney was probably naming every car in his fleet to make us all feel more assured that he really does drive American.  One would have been enough.  Sometimes more isn’t better.  But, you can’t tell that to Romney.

I should mention Santorum, but truthfully, he is an act that has yet to conclude.  Apparently, he is emboldened by a microphone and doesn’t know when to shut-up.  Or, he is unraveling mentally in front of the world.  Sad.  Just sad.

The bottom line for the week is simple.  Democrats should be saving their money right now.  The Republicans are taking themselves out of the race.  Maybe it is the old rope-a-dope trick.


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