BernieHund’s Nightmare Before Christmas

by sinde on December 23, 2009

‘Twas the nightmare before Christmas, when all through the land

Ten percent of us in unemployment lines stand;

The Senate will vote to reform health care,

In hopes that new taxes soon would be there;

The homeless sleeping on sidewalks dream of a bed,

They are thankful for handouts so they will be fed;

There are talks about climate change and an emissions cap,

Yet, Copenhagen offered “going green” a real slap,

We discovered the source of all that terrorist “chatter.”

Credit Cards with unlimited interest?  What is the matter?

If economic recovery passes like a flash,

The big banks know where there is always more cash.

A family alone with nowhere to go

Wonders why Congress works so damned slow.

With children crying and the family in fear,

Where will they live in the upcoming year?

Detainees at Gitmo will be moved ever so quick

Illinois has new jobs, all thanks to Dick,

Lieberman and Bennett say they aren’t to blame

They were just playing the big political game;

“Now, to all you liberals so far on the left,

Your voices have fallen on only the deaf.

You cast your votes when your candidate called

Now, you are dismissed, your back against the wall.

Immigration and Gay rights on the agenda has died,

When Congress meets with an obstacle, they fillibuster and lie,

So home to their constituents those in Congress flew

Giving them the usual gift, another big screw.

Now some say our President is a bit too aloof

Citing the Nobel Prize as more than enough proof.

The United States is seen in a better light world ’round

Yet thousands of soldiers are Afghanistan bound.

Too big to fail banks are paying back the loot

So they can pay big bonuses, now ain’t that cute?

Unemployment has all but broken the backs

Of hard working Americans who have now been sacked.

Scandals have ripped politicians who once looked merry

Their deception and lies, they have tried to bury.

Cheney’s droll little mouth was drawn like a bow,

As he talked of terror everywhere he would go;

For our fallen men and women we all felt the grief

As the President at Arlington did lay a big wreath;

There is nothing so sad as a family member gone

Leaving his family to make it alone.

Cost of living increases were put on the shelf

Congress decided to let the old fend for themselves;

The high cost of health care was something to dread

They would rather earmark the money instead.

The stimulus plan was supposed to put us to work

But those on Main Street are still feeling the hurt.

The change we believed in filled us with hope.

Perhaps, real change is just beyond our scope;

But wherever you are in these times of strife

We can vote to change Congress and bring in new life.

Don’t be fooled by those who argue, fuss and fight

If they did their jobs by day they wouldn’t have to vote at night.




BernieHund’s Christmas Wish:  Whether you are liberal or conservative, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Independent, watch your Senators and Representatives.  Do not be decieved by what they say.  Follow their votes in Congress.  Hold them accountable in November, 2010.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!


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