Congressional Hearing on Breast Cancer Task Force

by sinde on December 2, 2009

The Subcommittee Hearing was a total waste of time and about as off point as any in recent days if the discussion was to be about breast cancer.  The Democrats and the Republicans on the subcommittee squandered the opportunity to delve into the science of the breast cancer recommendations.  Rather, for the most part members from both parties used their five minutes to sell or undercut the health care reform bill.

Dr. Diana Petitti (from CBS News Photo)

Dr. Diana Petitti (from CBS News Photo)

Quite honestly, the Congressional Subcommittee for the most part was an example of political posturing rather than a fact finding and/or clarification mission.

Many of the “questions” or tirades left the two witnesses staring like a pair of deer gazing into the headlights and understandably so.  The members of the subcommittee continued to debate the health care reform bill throughout both the morning and afternoon sessions.

Of particular interest (in a very uninteresting testimony) Dr. Diana Petitti remarked on numerous occasions that the task force had communicated very poorly. 

Mr. Space from Ohio opened the floor for the third time on the role cost played in determining the recommendations.  And, for the third time (at least) Dr. Petitti stated that the cost of any procedure or test did not come into play in the recommendations.

When questioned on the review of the recommendations, Dr. Petitti agreed that perhaps the task force should have listened more carefully to the recommendations and comments  made by those who reviewed the wording prior to the publication.

Once again members of this Congressional subcommittee used the platform to grandstand rather than gain valuable information.

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