Hats Off to “Anonymous”

by sinde on December 17, 2012

I have watched “Anonymous” over the past year and while I must say that I am impressed by their skills, I have been more than amazed by their speed at taking action.

When I first became aware of “Anonymous” I was totally taken by their computer skills.  And, for an instant I thought this group must be up to no good.  After all, how easy would it be for this group to work for harm.  Instead, over time, while I have not necessarily agreed 100% with all the positions taken, I have always been impressed by the skill set that allows this mysterious group to act.

All that said, today my hat is off to “Anonymous.”

The total lack of respect the Westboro Baptist Church has shown for fellow human beings is beyond anything I could have imagined.  Striking with ignorance when hearts are broken is the lowest of acts.  All that said, as the WBC plans to interrupt a town in mourning for the loss of the innocents and the innocence of the young children left to deal with an ordeal that will forever change their lives, I can only praise “Anonymous” for taking a stand.

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