Herman Cain Was the Flavor of the Month

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by sinde on December 4, 2011

He said he wasn’t the flavor of the month, but Herman Cain’s rise to the top of the GOP presidential candidate field lasted about a month.  So much for the “black walnut”.  Maybe Hagen-Daz knew more than the rest of the world when they retired their version of black walnut.

To make matters worse, Cain became the whiner-in-chief once the first allegation of sexual harrassment was presented to the press.  He continued to blame everyone but himself.  Even when his on again, off again mistress of 13 years surfaced to defend the women who had made other allegations Cain continued to deny his relationship.  Maybe he wanted to be the one to tell his wife rather than have her hear it from Ginger White on television.

Whatever the circumstances, “I did not have sex with that woman” did not work the first time it was tried and it did not work this time.  Chances are it will not work the next time, either.

As Cain’s candidacy melted, Gingrich’s has started to rise in the polls.  Of course, Gingrich is an admitted womanizer and those of us old enough to remember know the story.  Is it a matter of us as a nation not wanting a cheating husband in office or is it that we do not want a liar?  After all, Gingrich comes with baggage, but he has owned up to it — or so we think.

With Cain out, there is much talk about where his support will go.  But, here’s the thing.  As of the day he “suspended” his campaign, his ratings were at 6%.  Anyway you cut it, that isn’t enough to push any of the other candidates over the top.

At best, we lost the clown of the GOP race.  Now, the field begins to narrow — and Newt has proclaimed himself the nominee.

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