Homophobic Republicans and 2 Dems Vote Down Gay Rights for Military Personnel

by sinde on September 21, 2010

Shame on you!

Once again the homophobes are out and setting a negative example for the rest of the world, especially the children of America.  Talk about hate crimes!  What worse crime can there be than to send a man or woman, who is willing to sacrifice his or her life for the people of Afghanistan, while denying him his right to be who he is?  Don’t ask, don’t tell is teaching our children the wrong lessons of life.  We are teaching them to lie about who they are.  And, for those who say that not asking and not telling is not lying, I can only refer them to the sins of omission.

For all the crap that was said on the floor of the Senate today about how openly gay people will affect the military readiness, I am left to wonder what rock they are living under.  Do they really believe that those serving side by side in the military do not know when one or more of his comrades is gay? 

While the discussion has been that allowing men and women to be openly gay while in service to America (and Afghanistan) will cause personnel problems, it must be noted that there have been problems with men and women serving side by side.  A gay man or woman is no more likely to sexually attack a person of his own sex than a straight man or woman sexually harrassing a member of the opposite sex.

Recent polls have shown that a majority of Americans now believe that gay members of the military should be allowed to serve openly.  Of course, younger people do not harbor many of the prejudices held by the old dogs in the Senate.  Perhaps, we should consider age limits on those who serve in the Capitol.  As we listen to the explanations given by those senators who voted against the repeal of DADT, we can see that most of them are not in step with mainstream modern day America.

Until we, as a nation, can stand for equality for all our citizens under all circumstances, maybe we should stop criticizing other nations for not allowing their girl children to be educated, or other suppressive and oppressive acts.  As my parents always said, “Clean up your own house before you tell someone else how to clean his.”

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