McCain Passes Lost Bid for President to Romney

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by sinde on January 4, 2012

McCain, a two time loser in his bid for president, first losing in the primary circus before losing in the general election, has passed the bid to Romney.  According to the Washington Post

“It’s with some nostalgia that I return to this place that I love so well, but I am really here for one reason and one reason only and that is to make sure that we make Mitt Romney the next president of the United States of America,” said McCain, who won the New Hampshire primary in 2000 and 2008. “And New Hampshire is the state that will catapult him to victory in a very short period of time.”

I’m sure John McCain believes, as many Republicans may, that passing the torch to Mitt Romney by way of endorsement is a plus.  For many of us having the McCain endorsement confirms that Romney is a part of the same old Republican party — emphasis on same and old.  Just look at them!


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