Mitt and Ron: 1 and 2 in New Hampshire

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by sinde on January 10, 2012

Does anyone remember “Who is John Galt?” the famous question from Atlas Shrugged?  Well, the question has now become “Who is Jon Huntsman?”  He is a dismal third in New Hampshire.

Perhaps everyone expected Mitt Romney to take New Hampshire.  In the past few days it seemed that Ron Paul could be in a battle with Jon Huntsman for second.  Early returns have showed Mitt making a solid showing and Ron taking second place with relative ease.

What happened to the Jon Huntsman campaign?  Simply put, Huntsman looks like a rich prep school boy, spoiled and a bit overly dramatic.  Most of us could close our eyes and visualize Huntsman in an ascot, toasting royalty before an open fire roaring in an over-sized marble and stone fireplace.  Look, there is nothing at all wrong with wealth and with preppies.  What is wrong with Huntsman is that no matter how many hands he shakes he cannot be one of the guys.  He just isn’t cut out for it.  He is cut out for being an ambassador, or a prince — not a politician.

Mitt may be wealthy and as stiff as a board, but he has learned from his past campaigns.  So far, it seems that Romney is leading the pack because he campaigns better, not because the Repubs really, really like him.  He is the fall back candidate.  They think he is electable.  He may be, but the waters may be a little choppier in the south.  Let’s hope for his sake that he is good at treading water.

Ron Paul is the real treat of the primary.  What in the heck are the Republicans going to do if he has another good showing?  With the new Republican rules, splitting the delegates like the Dems do, Paul could possibly become a real thorn in side of the GOP.

It’s time to head south and see what happens.  We are left to wonder if any of the candidates will fall off the train heading to South Carolina.  We are betting that at least one, maybe two will be no shows.

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