I will be among the first to say that my Thursday nights are planned around “Person of Interest”.  I have watched “Homeland”, “Breaking Bad”, and the rest of the lot.  Sure, I’m a “White Collar” fan and I used to be one not to miss an episode of “Burn Notice”.  Then, at last, CBS brought network television back to the forefront with POI.

Needless to say, I think it is the finest show on television — not just for the action, but for the background story.  All POI fanatics love the little quips between Finch (Michael Emerson) and Reese (Jim Caviezel).  But, the diehards — and I am one of them — are becoming somewhat frustrated with the turn of events.  First of all, Fusco and Det. Carter are now playing along with Reese and Finch without the tension that once existed.  Of course, we all knew the cat and mouse tension could not last forever.

But, the last episode had Det. Joss Carter dressed as a hooker — a fine looking one — drugging a john to get a swab of DNA from his saliva.  What the hell was that about?  Joss Carter has been, until the last episode, the “moral compass” to borrow a phrase from Mr. Reese.

Fusco is now all too willing to go along with the Finch-Reese program.  Remember when he was an unwilling participant?

Okay, so nothing lasts forever but all the fans were certainly hoping for more than the drop off of the primary characters.  Speaking of which, who among the writers actually thought an episode without Reese would be a good idea?  We saw him sitting in a jail cell and that was about it.  He is the star of the show — along with Finch, of course.  As good as they may be together, they do not do the program justice alone.

And, to the writers who seem to have forgotten that most of the POI Fanatics are hooked on the back story, we would like a little more information on Harold Wren-Finch-Partridge-Swift and the others I have left out.  We would like to know more about Reese’s history other than he was in love with Jessica, escaped China, and knew Alicia Corwin probably longer than Finch has.  There are loose ends that either are resolved with a single shot of footage or have been forgotten altogether by the writers.

Who killed Nathan Ingram?  None among the fans believe he died in a car wreck — at least not an accidental one.  Was Harold with him when he was killed?  Is that how Harold developed the limp?  Or, did Harold kill him?  Tell us more about Grace and give us some info on Harold’s background — even a small blip from episode to episode will give us something to think about.

Where is Will?  What is he up to?  What happened to Bear?  He needs to be more a part of the show.  At least, let us know he is cared for while Finch is teaching class.

For those who are not POI addicts, this will mean nothing.  For those who are as heavily invested in this program as I, let’s just hope that our investment isn’t going down the drain.


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