Why Is CBS Sabotaging Person of Interest? Or, Are They Just Inept?

February 24, 2012

Like so many others, I admit that I am close to obsessed with Person of Interest.  I know there are others who feel the same as I — or POI would not have won a People’s Choice Award.  So, what’s up with CBS?  Or, is it that they have the world’s worst website?

Jonathan Nolan has written one of the best series in decades.  Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Taraji P. Henson, and Kevin Chapman are as good as it gets.  For those who are not fans, let me just say that those of us who are devoted to the series watch for the tiniest of clues about the lead characters.  Often appearing as flashbacks or presented subtly in the plot, hints are given about the history of the lead characters.  We — the obsessed fans — watch for every detail, and I do mean everyone of them.

Here’s my bitch about CBS.  Once upon a time — up until about 4 episodes back — we could go to the CBS/Person of Interest site and rewatch the episodes after airing.  Many of us watched a single program several times and compared notes in the weaker than rainwater forum that CBS provides.  So, all of a sudden CBS decided to stop posting the latest episodes after their initial airing.  The forum is far from up to date as well.  CBS does not even move the hottest topics to the top of the thread list.  The fans are left to attempt to recall every minute detail and find the thread that may lead to a discussion.

About the cast… They are perfect for the characters they portray.  Jim Caviezel is so understated, yet powerful in the role of Reese.  His soft spoken, quiet persona is ideal.  While doing what needs to be done to protect someone or take someone down, it is clear that Reese has a soft side.  The eyes and the facial expressions are nothing short of perfect.  Sometimes no words are needed.

Michael Emerson is so natural in his role of Finch that many of us are left to wonder if he has a stiff neck and limp when he isn’t acting.  Again, his expressions often say as much as the words.

While it is true that Taraji P. Henson as Detective Carter and Kevin Chapman as Lionel fulfill their roles with expertise, we are now gradually becoming more and more invested in them.

With such terrific actors and the most outstanding writing in years why is CBS dropping the ball with the fans?  I realize that CBS has the majority of hit shows in prime time, but it is beginning to feel as if the fans are being taken for granted.  It would seem that with back plots that could keep us interested for years and years, building a base rather than watching it diminish would be the goal of CBS.  Instead, they have treated POI and its fans as if we and the show itself is nothing more than a side thought or after thought.  POI is not filler.  It is prime in prime time.

So, as one fan who refuses to watch network television for the most part, I can only hope that someone somewhere in the halls of CBS will realize that this is by far the best drama on television today and it should be treated as such.  And, as my after thought, Unforgettable is Totally Forgettable.

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