Newt First in South Carolina GOP Primary Race

by sinde on January 21, 2012

First it was Iowa that went to Santorum after going to Romney.  New Hampshire voted for Romney.  The question of Romney’s taxes apparently is more disturbing than the lack of morality of Newt Gingrinch as the old Newt wins the South Carolina primary.  That’s just a projection at this time.  And, on to Florida….

As an avid political watcher I must admit that this GOP presidential primary season is beginning to look like open season for the candidates.  With only four left in the fold, Ron Paul is the only non-winner.  But…. there is always Florida.

Three contests and three winners!  This could be the best race in years.  For all the media talk of Romney being the undisputed nominee — it’s just a matter of time — it seems that the pundits are slightly off track, to say the least.

On to Florida to air more dirty laundry.  The suspense builds.  Can Santorum find enough evangelicals to carry his load?  Will Mitt show his tax returns or just implode?  Can Newt steer straight and keep the campaign on the road?  Or, will Paul rise up like the Phoenix and spoil it all?

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