Occupy Wall Street Moving to Main Streets Across the Country

by sinde on October 3, 2011

As most of us watched “Arab Spring” unfold, few of us could have guessed that we would be seeing America’s Autumn turn into more than a changing of the leaves.  Just three weeks into the movement thanks to the same tools used by tech savvy Arabs, Twitter, Facebook and blogs are rallying Americans of all ages to stand up and be counted as among those opposed to the greed on Wall Street and anything and everything resulting from it.

First of all, I was amused by a recent article in the New York Times that seemed to discount the organizational skills of those who have begun to gather.

With little organization and reliance on Facebook, Twitter and Google groups to share methods,  the Occupy Wall Street  campaign, as the prototype in New York is called, has clearly tapped into a deep vein of anger……..

The amusement arises from the “little organization and reliance on Facebook, Twitter and Google groups” reference.  While seeming to discount any sustainability due to “little organization” and having to rely on the big three of social media, I am only reminded how in the spring and summer just past those with little organization and the big 3 managed to topple Egypt, Tunisia, and reek a civil war in Libya.  Little tools and organization, so much power.

Hats off to those who are showing up and speaking out!

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