Stephanopoulos and Sawyer Blow the New Hampshire Debate

by sinde on January 7, 2012

Oh, for God’s sake!  What the hell happened in New Hampshire tonight?  If any two people looked totally inept — I was expecting it to be Perry and maybe Huntsman — but, no!  It was George Stephanopoulos and Diane Sawyer.  I have tried to like them.  In fact, I usually prefer George in the early mornings and actually liked him on Sunday mornings.  Can’t say much for Sawyer.  I have always cringed when she goes into those facial expressions that feign care and concern.  But, tonight it was not a matter of preference based on superficial findings.  The twosome were totally embarrassing to the media.

First of all, who came up with the questions?  The truth is that most of the questions seemed to be posed as a matter of provoking one or another of the candidates for the camera.  As Ron Paul referenced, George had asked him the same question about running for president on another ticket at least four or five times, maybe in a different venue, but the questions were repetitive.  Maybe Stephanopoulos and Sawyer were thinking that the rest of us had not seen these candidates before.  This was not an introductory debate.  We have all had time to see them at their best and at their worst.

As much as a political junkie as I may be, the football game on NBC proved far more interesting.

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