The Dover Disgrace

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by sinde on November 10, 2011

It is hard to remain civil in print after hearing of the disgraceful actions that have taken place at Dover AFB.  I am so disturbed by the lack of care and concern and respect for those who sacrificed their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan that I am filled with anger and tears.  There is no need to repeat the disgraceful manner in which our deceased military members have been treated.  We have all heard the horror stories.

After learning a year or two ago that some of our veterans are buried in graves that are not properly marked in Arlington National Cemetery, one would have thought that more care would have been given from the time the bodies were put aboard the plane to return home.  Now, we are learning of the mutilation of corpses and the blatant and flagrant disregard of the bodies and the body parts.

Upon hearing that three of the top officials at Dover have been reprimanded, I am left to ask why they are still on the base.  They should have been discharged of their duties and indicted.  In the rest of the world, there would have been arrests and indictments.  Instead, we hear that there will be a “full investigation.”  This is not the time to get tied up in government red tape.  This is a national disgrace.  It is an outrage.

Our men and women who have paid the ultimate price for our country and their families, as well as the American people, deserve clear and immediate action on this matter.  NOW! Not a year from  now.

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