The Press Was Asleep During the Obama Press Conference

by sinde on March 24, 2009

President Obama’s prime time press conference was an opportunity for the press corp to ask some hard questions about the economy and upcoming proposals on financial regulations.  Instead Anne Compton wasted her time asking if the President and his administration discussed race in the White House.  There were a few other questions that were steered more to the point, but overall the questions were mostly lacking.

It was obvious that President Obama had a mission tonight.  Perhaps, it was not so much to answer questions as to deliver a message to us, the American citizens.  He did that well.  Unfortunately, the press did nothing to complement his intent or follow-up on his theme.

There were no questions about the new financial plan laid out by Timothy Geithner this week.  There were no follow-up questions that addressed either Geithner or Bernanke’s testimony before Congress on Tuesday.  One is left to assume that the press was so busy picking out there clothing for the conference that they failed to pay attention to the events of the day.

President Obama stayed on his agenda.  He talked about health care, education, energy and budget deficits.  If one thing was certain it was that the President was going to come back to his four talking points no matter where the questions led.

A good presentation by the President, but a poor display of the White House press corp at work.  Tonight they were not ready for prime time.

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