What Went Wrong? What Are They Thinking?

by sinde on March 21, 2012

As an older woman I am in total shock at what is going on politically.  The Republican candidates are trying to revitalize the concept of wives being chattel.  At least that is the way it seems to me.

Maybe the shock started a few weeks ago when Rush Limbaugh called an educated young woman a slut for being a proponent of birth control.  I chose to ignore the matter because everyone in the world was commenting and I honestly felt that Rush was getting far more publicity than he deserves.  What he said was absolutely wrong and vulgar — and I’m no prude.  But, I chalked it up to his ignorance, double standards, and shock radio to get ratings.  I watched quietly as his plan backfired.  And, I smiled.

But, that brings me to the issue of birth control and abortion issues that are once again the main course being served up by some Republicans.  I really thought we resolved this issue in the 1970’s.  Now, I’m not totally stupid.  I know that everyone is not now and was not then pleased with the Supreme Court decision.  Still, it is the law of the land.

States across the country are making every attempt to circumvent the decision that afforded a woman a choice of what to do with and to her body.  It seems to me that the Republican white males are eying the possibility of making women chattel once again.  I will not be surprised to hear the “barefoot, pregnant, and hungry” theme again.

Whether you believe abortion to be a right or a wrong, the final decision should rest with the woman, not a bunch of gray haired old men who have never been pregnant, never been raped, never experienced incest and have never had a menstrual cycle.  These are probably the same old men who have outlawed marital aides in some states.  It makes us, as women, wonder if men are so insecure and so pompous that they believe they need to tell all of us poor, ignorant, uneducated women how to live our 24 hours a day.  Perhaps, they should spend their days legislating more stringent domestic violence laws.

The point is that if left to the old men of the world, women would become chattel once again.  What a sad day!  Next, we will be walking two steps behind his royal highness.

As if that is not enough to get an old woman’s blood boiling, we now watch the pitiful and disgusting case of murder in Sanford, Florida.  George Zimmerman, the self proclaimed protector of the neighborhood, shot and killed Trayvon Martin for what?  What had the young man done?  Where is the weapon that put Zimmerman in imminent danger?  And, what the hell is wrong with the police department in Sanford for not having arrested Zimmerman?

Okay, I was not there.  But, the “stand your ground” idea is really stupid to apply in this case — although it sounds a little stupid in any case.  Here’s the thing about “stand your ground” and this case.  Zimmerman was following Martin.  In other words, Zimmerman was not “standing his ground”.  He was gathering ground.  If this had been a basketball game — and I’m not intending to make light of this murder — but, if it were a basketball foul, the foul would have been called on Zimmerman for blocking, not on Martin for charging.  Zimmerman did not have his feet planted on “his ground”.

What makes this matter even worse, if it could be any worse than having a son shot down, it is obvious that the white male dominated sheriff’s department and the mayor are definitely showing a bias in favor of Zimmerman.  Had this been a black man who shot a white youth, does anyone really believe the black man would not be in custody?

Again, this is nothing short of a crime — possibly a hate crime — and the authorities have obviously turned their heads.  I really thought we went through the violent part of racial injustice years ago.  We all know the stats on black men vs. white men and prison time.  We all know the injustice of the judicial system when it comes to sentencing.  We all know what we are seeing, so let’s stop pretending we are blind.  The only blindness here is the justice system.

So, what went wrong?  What is making us go back in time?  As one who lived the days when abortions were performed in dark alleys and too many black Americans were used for target practice, I can tell you that the “good ol’ days” were anything but good.  We have come to far to turn back now.

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